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Technical Assistance for investments in sustainable energy
CEB-ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) provides support to public entities that want to develop energy efficiency or renewable energy projects benefitting disadvantaged regions or populations.
CEB-ELENA subsidises the technical assistance that these entities need to prepare and implement such projects. CEB-ELENA funds up to 90% of the costs related to feasibility studies, energy audits, tendering processes or the unit in charge of preparing and implementing such projects.
This technical support enables public entities to carry out projects such as retrofitting housing, schools and hospitals, investing in district cooling and heating networks or improving the energy efficiency of trams and buses.
The facility was created in partnership with the European Commission, which has set up similar facilities with EBRD, EIB and KfW. It is supported by the European programme "Intelligent Energy - Europe II" (IEE II), whose objective is to promote energy efficiency and renewable energies.
The main difference between CEB-ELENA and other ELENA facilities is that CEB-ELENA supports only projects that benefit disadvantaged regions or populations. This social focus of CEB-ELENA is in line with the CEB's mandate, which is to foster social cohesion in Europe.
CEB-ELENA grants may be provided directly by the CEB or through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs). PFIs are banks that have concluded a CEB-ELENA funding agreement with the CEB.
PFIs can use the CEB-ELENA support to develop funding programmes aimed at helping public entities finance energy efficiency and renewable energy investments that benefit disadvantaged regions or populations. This support can be used in part by the Bank to build capacity and in part by the public entities to carry out the investments.
PFIs are responsible for developing their funding programmes, for selecting public entities that are to receive CEB-ELENA support, for supervising the provision of this technical support and for reporting on this support to the CEB.
CEB-ELENA contributes to the EU "20-20-20" initiative, whose aim is to:
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%
  • and/or increase the share of renewable energies in energy consumption by at least 20%
  • and/or improve energy efficiency by at least 20%, all by 2020.
The facility also provides the CEB with additional means with which, among other things, to fight against energy poverty (inability of households to heat their dwellings adequately). According to the latest estimates, approximately one in ten people in Europe is unable to keep its home adequately warm.
Public entities and banks who are interested in CEB-ELENA may refer to the brochure, the frequently asked questions and the pre-request form.