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Under Article VIII of the Articles of Agreement, the Bank is organised, administered and controlled by the following organs:
the Governing Board,
the Administrative Council,
the Governor,
the Auditing Board.

In accordance with Article XIII of the Articles of Agreement, the secretariat of the organs of the Bank is provided by the "Secretariat of the Partial Agreement on the Council of Europe Development Bank", Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

Governing Board
The powers of the Governing Board are described in Article IX of the Articles of Agreement.
It consists of a Chairperson and one representative for each Member State. (Composition)
The Governing Board sets out the general orientations for the Bank's activity, lays down the conditions for Bank membership by other states, decides on capital increases, approves the annual report, the accounts and the Bank's general balance sheet. It elects its own Chairperson and the Chairperson of the Administrative Council and appoints the Governor and the members of the Auditing Board.

The Chairman is  Mr Dominique LAMIOT (France)
The Vice-Chair is Mr TomᚠBOCEK (Czech Republic)
Meetings in 2014

Administrative Council
The powers of the Administrative Council are described in Article X of the Articles of Agreement.
The Administrative Council consists of a Chairperson and one representative for each Member State. (Composition)
The Administrative Council exercises the powers delegated to it by the Governing Board, establishes and supervises operational policies, approves investment projects submitted by the governments. It votes on the Bank's operating budget. Its Chairperson is elected by the Governing Board.

The Chairman is Mr Joseph LICARI (Malta).
The Vice-Chair is Mr Zoran CIROVIC (Serbia).
Executive Committee
By Resolution CD 384(2010) of 26/11/2010, the Governing Board has abolished the Executive Committee created in 1994 within the Administrative Council.
The Committee was, in particular, responsible for carrying out an initial examination of requests for financing, for monitoring the execution of the projects financed and for monitoring the financial activity.

The powers of the Governor are described in Article XI of the Articles of Agreement.
The Governor is the Bank's legal representative. He is the head of the Bank's operational services and responsible for the Bank's staff under the general supervision of the Administrative Council.
He conducts the Bank's financial policy, in accordance with Administrative Council guidelines, and he represents the Bank in all its transactions. He examines the technical and financial aspects of the requests for financing submitted to the Bank and refers them to the Administrative Council.
The Governor is Mr Rolf Wenzel.
He is assisted by three Vice-Governors: Mr Mikolaj DOWGIELEWICZ, Mr Nunzio GUGLIELMINO and Mr Apolonio RUIZ-LIGERO.
Opening of the post of Vice-Governor for Financial Strategy.
Auditing Board
The powers of the Auditing Board are described in Article XII of the Articles of Agreement.
The Auditing Board is composed of three members appointed by the Governing Board. It checks the accuracy of the annual accounts, after they have been examined by an external auditor.
Members appointed for 2014:
Croatia: Dubravka FLINTA, Director of the Internal Audit and Financial Control Methodology Department, Ministry of Finance, Zagreb
Greece: Maria POULAKI, Member of MOU Expert Team, Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes, Athens
Holy See: René BRÜLHART, Director of the Financial Information Authority, Vatican City