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Migrant and Refugee Fund

The Migrant and Refugee Fund ("MRF" or "Fund") is a trust fund set up by the Council of Europe Development Bank ("CEB or "Bank") to help its member states deal with migrant and refugee flows.

MigrantsThe Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF) is a trust fund established by the CEB in 2015 to help its member states deal with migrant and refugee flows. The Fund supports CEB member states’ efforts to ensure that migrants and refugees who arrive on their territory enjoy basic human rights, such as shelter, food and medical aid, as well as personal security. The Fund may also be used to help CEB member states integrate these populations and enable them to rebuild their lives in dignified conditions.

How is MRF funded

The MRF is endowed with contributions from CEB member states, the European Investment Bank and the CEB. At end 2016, almost € 21 million have been raised.

What type of projects does MRF support?

As an immediate response to the inflow of migrants and refugees, the Fund will help set up or improve, as well as operate reception and transit centres. Other types of projects which facilitate the integration of migrant and refugees are also eligible. All projects must comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter. At end 2016, the CEB has approved more than € 18 million in grants from the MRF in favour of 14 projects.

Who should I contact regarding MRF support?

Any request for information related to the MRF should be addressed to the following email: mrf[at]


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